Fallkniven NL5 LamCos (pre order)


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Fallkniven NL5 LamCos (pre order)
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Fallkniven NL5 LamCos


The laminated blade is forged with an edge of Cobalt Special steel (CoS). In general, this means that the edge becomes substantially more solid and keeps sharp longer, at least that is what our own tests have showed. And the sides are made of a tough, stainless 420J2 steel. This excellent combination of metals brings together all conceivable and desirable knife properties including resilience, resistance to torque and edge-durability all in a single blade.


The 5 mm thick blade itself is plenty strong enough for all reasonable tasks, but with the laminate technology one can expect an additional 20% strength in the form of resistance to bending compared to a solid blade.


The beautiful handle consists of specially selected oxhide that gives a sure and rugged grip. It ages with elegance and as the years pass it acquires an attractive brown patina. The handle is unaffected by oil and solvents and impervious to water. When the oxhide drys out, small cracks on the handle can appear, but they disappear when the knife is put to use again.


Each Northern Lights series knife comes with a high-quality black leather sheath.



Steel: Lam. CoS

Hardness (HRC): 60

Edge: Convex

Tang: Protruding broad tang

Handle material: Leather

Sheath: Leather

Weight, knife only (g): 174

Blade length (mm): 100

Blade thickness (mm): 5

Total length (mm): 215

Finger guard: Stainless Steel

Fallkniven NL5 LamCos (pre order)
Fallkniven NL5 LamCos (pre order)