H&B Forge Camp Hawk 15.5" (With Head Cover)


H&B Forge Camp Hawk 15.5" (With Head Cover)
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H and B Forge Co   Camp Hawk  NOW with Custom Leather Head Cover


Hand forged in the USA this is a 15.5in polled Camp Hawk, the tool is the direct lineage from the Forests of the Frontier, used by the hands of the Woodsman and First Nations alike. Hawks are great cutting tools and are often used as an all purpose knife/axe.


The hickory handles and leather blade covers are hand made by an Amish Community located near H and B Forge.


These useful and practical tools have stood the test of time and Fate. The approx .75lb hand forged head is light, quick and maneuverable and is a great tool around the camp. The steel is 1018 with a 'bite' of  harder High Carbon 1095, so giving you a combination of strengths.


15.5in OAL Hickory stained handle, approx .75lb head, 5 in long with a 3.5in single bevel Cutting edge. Comes with a leather edge protector.


* due to the nature of the handle finish, these axes/Hawks can occasionally have marks, this is near unavoidable in shipping and not considered a warranty issue!

H&B Forge Camp Hawk 15.5" (With Head Cover)
H and B Forge Camp Hawk With Custom Head Cover