Canadian Woollen Socks


Canadian Woollen Socks
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Canadian Woollen Socks.


Grown in Canada, sewn in Canada! yes these superb socks are made right here in Canada and from Canadian Wool too.


Traditionally made, they are a thick mid weight wool sock that gives superb insulation, wicking and shock absorbtion.


Perfect as a hiking sock, they have an articulated heel and thick sole for comfort and the 100% natural Canadian wool makes for one of the best insulative layers available.


These are not merino!, so they are a proper old time 'mid coarse' sock. Approx 6in high


Available in Grey or 'Salt and Pepper'


100% made in Canada from 100% Canadian Wool.


Size are..

MED..approx 8-9

Large..approx 10-11


**Wash in cold water** these are 100% Wool!


Canadian Woollen Socks