Barkriver Hunters Axe Natural Canvas


Barkriver Hunters Axe Natural Canvas
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Barkriver Hunters Axe


Brand new from Barkriver Knives, this is the Hunters Ax. First production run of these Ax's and if you are looking for a tough, balanced and superbly well made companion in the Woods, this is it.


Really great compact Axe from Barkriver, these Ax's are sweet swingers, being balanced almost dead centre and they feel highly controllable and precise and the wide slabs of the handle offer a range of grips as you 'nod the head'


The 7mm thick tang of A2 Tools Steel gives outstanding strength and the handle and head are differentially heat treated to increase the overall strength and toughness.


The 3in bit has a deep hollow ground cheek that helps prevent binding and supports the convex ground cutting edge, making this knife with its 60HRC edge, a great cutting Axe.


It would be right at home on the belt of any Woodsman, Hunter and woodworker, though bear in mind this is a cutting axe, so splitting ability is limited.


Beautiful Ax from Barkriver, made in the USA.

Comes with quality leather head cover, see images for details.


OAL 12in

Blade length 5.1/8th in

Cutting edge 3in

Stock thickness 7mm

Steel A2 Tool Steel.60HRC


Barkriver Hunters Axe Natural Canvas
Barkriver Hunters Axe Natural Canvas