Casstrom Ancient Bog Oak Firesteel


Casstrom Ancient Bog Oak Firesteel
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Casstrom Firesteel Striker Ancient Bog Oak . Made in Europe.


Quality, Made in Europe, 3/8th (9.5mm) Firesteel with Ancient Bog Oak Handle.


Bog Oak is thousands of years old, lain in low Oxygen Bogs and is slowly fossilising, its makes for a very tough, stable and unique handle material. The oak on these slabs was likely growing in the last Ice Age


These are new from Casstrom of Sweden, the quintessential Bushcraft tool, the Firesteel! These are a wide 3/8th inch diameter and 2 1/2inches long (not including the handle) so these all weather firestarters will give you 1000's and 1000's of strikes.


The handle is solid Bog Oak and the Firesteel comes with a Lanyard and Casstrom Steel striker.

Quality, essential piece of kit.


OAL 3 3/4in

3/8th Diameter, handle of Oak. Comes with Striker.

Casstrom Ancient Bog Oak Firesteel