Casstrom lars Falt Lock Back Folder 14C28N Curly Birch and Pouch Combo


Casstrom lars Falt Lock Back Folder 14C28N Curly Birch and Pouch Combo
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Casstrom Lars Falt Lock Back Folder Curly Birch 14C28N and Pouch

Normally $243.90 together, but combo price is $219.95


Swedish made Lock back Folder, made by Casstrom and designed by the legendary Outdoorsman Lars Falt...doesn't get much better when you are looking for a Bushcraft Folder.


Swedish Sourced Curly Birch slabs are Brass Pinned to solid Stainless liners giving superb strength and also width in the handle for a comfortable and sure grip. The Lock back mechanism is clean and precise and the really superb scandi ground (zero scandi) Swedish Stainless 14C28N Steel is tough, fine edged and easily sharpened.


Whittling in the firelight, food prep in the camp, field dressing small game, woodwork and repair and just good old general cutting duties, the Casstrom Lars falt Lock back is really exceptionally good and a joy to use and own.


Overall a really superb knife for the Woodsman.


The Pouch is full grain leather, made in Sweden!



By the way, it has the design elements taken from the quite superb Swedish No10 Forest knife and if you like that, you'll love this!


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A very sturdy folding knife from Casström developed together with renowned wilderness and survival expert Lars Fält.

- Robust folding knife developed with survival expert Lars Fält
- Stainless 14C28N
- Scandinavian grind: Easy to carve with and easy to sharpen
- Stylish and durable handle in selected fine curly birch
- Very reliable for general wilderness

About Lars Fält:
A living legend among Swedish survival and outdoor fans, and has published many books on this subject. Lars Fält founded the Swedish Armed Forces Survival School and was in charge there for many years. He has extensive experience as an instructor in the Swedish paratroopers and is a trained survival instructor at English SAS and the US Special Forces. He has also participated as an instructor in foreign relations from Arctic Canada to desert areas in Australia.



Casstrom lars Falt Lock Back Folder 14C28N Curly Birch and Pouch Combo
Casstrom lars Falt Lock Back Folder N690 Curly Birch and Pouch Combo