Barkriver Mini Aurora 3V Vintage Linen red Liners Mosiacs


Barkriver Mini Aurora 3V Vintage Linen red Liners Mosiacs
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Barkriver Mini Aurora 3V


One of Barkriver's most eduring and best loved designs, the Aurora has been favourite amongst Outdoorsmen since its first run.

The Aurora's superb handle design is comfortable and ergonomic allowing pressure to be applied in a controlled and even manner, the handle length also allowing for different grips, hand sizes and a feeling of sureity when in use.


And now, Barkriver have come up with a compact version of the Aurora, the NEW 'Mini Aurora!' whilst still keeping the excellent handle the knife now sports a shorter 3.675in blade. The result is an extremely controllable and precise Outdoor knife, great for Bushcraft, Hunting, Woodwork and Campwork.


The Spear point blade is CPM 3V steel, a fine grained and tough steel, ideal for Outdoor use and at 60HRC has top level edge holding.

Full broad tang with solid pins the knife is strong and retains that 'solid feel' despte its more compact size.


If you love the Aurora, you'll love the new Mini Aurora!


Come with quality Leather sheath, see images for details.

Overall Length:  7.65"  Blade Length:  3.675"  Blade Steel:  CPM-3V  Blade Hardness:  58-60HRC  Blade Thickness:  .130"  Weight:  3.775oz. 


Comes with Barkrivers excelent warranty!

Barkriver Mini Aurora 3V Vintage Linen red Liners Mosiacs
Bark River Mini Aurora 3v 2024!