Hultafors Woodsman 1.75LB Axe


Hultafors Woodsman 1.75LB Axe
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The Hultafors Woodsman 1.75LB Head


New in, this is the updated Hultafors Woodsman's axe, 26in long with a 1.75LB head. Swedish hand forged high carbon steel with a 3 1/2 in cut and gentle sweep to the hickory shaft. Excellent for wood cutting and processing, the extra handle length gives great head speed and firm cuts and this is a great tool in the hands of the woodsman.


Length..26in/Head 1.75LB. Heartwwod hickory shaft, high carbon steel head, 58HRC


The hand axe, is actually THE tool of the backwoodsman. Much more than the periodic woodsplitter of the campsite, the hand axe was often the only tool carried by hunters/trappers and voyageurs. An Axe, a good axe, can complete almost any cutting task… and then some. An Axe, a good axe, a balanced, SHARP,crafted Axe, is a delight to use and carry. The hand forged Axe’s are much lighter than the drop forged type.

To my way of thinking, everything, every 0Z you carry has to pay its way, and the weight that a good belt Axe adds is worth the effort. You will use a lot more energy in splitting firewood than you would carrying the Axe, and it can be used as a backup knife if required.

 No Head Cover with this axe

Hultafors Woodsman 1.75LB Axe