Bushcraft Axe Stone


Bushcraft Axe Stone
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Bushcraft Axe Stone.


OK Paul, what's up with this... a 'Bushcraft' Axe stone??.  Well yes..these axes stones are made in the USA and made very well. We have stocked a coarse stone before (ideal Axe stone if you are cutting firewood and felling work) .

However it occurred to me that a lot of the axes we sell are used for Bushcraft activitys and a finer axe stone would be a better bet for these, as the blades are kept much more like knife edges for this type of work. Finer cuts, wood removal for carving, tool handles,making traps and shelters. So the new Bushcraft Axe Stone offers the best of both Worlds having a fairly coarse side (for working out those chips and rough sharpening) and a fine side (the polishing and finnishing), letting you adapt to your use.


By the way, the grits aren't so fine that they can't deal with minor blade chips, these are still AXE stones. The stones are 3in diameter and 1/2 in thick, grits are 180 and 420.  Made in North America.

Stones work best with lubricant.





Bushcraft Axe Stone