Karesuando Hunter Axe Large Natural


Karesuando Hunter Axe Large Natural
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Karesuando Hunter Axe Large Natural

A larger version of the superb and unique small Hunter Axe, this is new from Karesuando of Sweden.

Made in one of the most Northern towns in Sweden, just 250km from th Artic Circle, Karesuando knives are the culmination of generations of local experience of living off the land and with the Reindeer. The designs are well thought out and the quality of the materials is very high, giving a combination of ease of use and durability, the hallmarks of Outdoors experience.

The axe is a great camp and Hunting tool, a perfect woods companion.

OAL 9 3/4inches, head weight approx 1 lb. Steel is Swedish stainless 55HRC. Cutting edge is 3 1/2 inches. handle is Curly Birch with Moose bone inlay and cap. Comes with reindeer fur and leather head cover and small sharpener.

Made in Sweden, in Karesuando.

Karesuando Hunter Axe Large Natural