Oxhead Axe 2.25lb


Oxhead Axe 2.25lb
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Iltis Oxhead German  2 1/4LB Axe. these now have a 26.5in handle


Germany's oldest forge, in operation since 1781, is renowned for making superb quality axes. This is a general purpose axe  28in overall length with a 2 1/4LB  cutting head. Great for log work and general purpose cutting, the steel is German made, holds a great edge, is extremely tough and well tempered and yes, it... 'rings' true!


Made in Germany, Ash or Hickory handle. Double metal/wood shank head retention.

Head weight 2 1/4LB, OAL 26.5in


This axe does not have a head cover



Oxhead Axe 2.25lb