Agdor Montreal Pattern 3.5lb Felling Axe


Agdor Montreal Pattern 3.5lb Felling Axe
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Agdor Montreal Pattern 3.5LB Felling Axe


One of the best value axes on the market! this is a hand forged by Hultafors in High Carbon Swedish steel. The face is hammered to create a denser, tougher steel and this large 5in cutting edge provides a lot of bite.

The head is the classic Montreal pattern that has been swung in the woods for many a long year and the 32in OAL makes for lots of head speed. This is a classic Felling Axe.


Double wedged with wood and steel, the axe is a great larger felling axe, perfect for the forests of Canada.


This axe does NOT come with a head cover


Made in Sweden.


AOL 32in

Hickory handle

5in Cutting face

3.5lb head





**Because of the way these axes are shipped from Sweden, the handles are sometimes marked, there is no way of us preventing this without a significant increase in cost, and therefore price!

Agdor Montreal Pattern 3.5lb Felling Axe
Agdor Montreal Pattern 3 1/2LB Felling Axe