Karesuando Jarven (wolverine) in RWL34


Karesuando Jarven (wolverine) in RWL34
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Karesuando Jarven (Wolverine Knife) in RWL34 Super Steel!


Unique and Beautiful Outdoor Knife from the land of the Saami now made in the Damasteel RWL34 Super Steel.



Made in the Far North of Sweden, on the famous Triangular Boarder of Finland/Sweden and Norway, the company of Karesuando has been making knives for the local Reindeer Herders, Hunters and Foresters for the past 45 years.


Using only locally sourced mateirals for the handle and sheaths and Swedish Steels for the blades, Karsuando has built up a reputation for making truely authentic and highly practical Outdoor knives.


The Jarven (or Wolverine) is no exception, being made from local Curly Birch and Reindeer Antler and with a blade of the absolutely superb Damasteel RWL34 Powder Super Steel.


The traditional barrel shaped handle has an elegant flare that aids grip and the 4in blade is exceptionally well suited to the outdoors, offering great balance, edge holding and ease of sharpening. Its Scandi ground (of course!) and the blade is embedded in the handle (stick tang) with a Brass ferrule, ~just as you would expect of an authentic Scandinavian Knife.


Excellent sheath made from leather and Curly Birch adds to the overall appeal of the knife.


A great, authentic Hunting and General Purpose Outdoor Knife in one of the very best Steels available!


Made in Sweden!


Blade 3 7/8th in

OAL 8.25in

Thickness 3.25mm

Damasteel RWL34 Scandi Ground

Comes with sheath, see images for details.



Karesuando Jarven (wolverine) in RWL34
Karesuando Jarven (wolverine) in RWL34