Agdor 4.5lb Tasmanian Felling Axe


Agdor 4.5lb Tasmanian Felling Axe
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Hults Bruks Agdor 4 1/2LB Tasmanian Felling Axe

The 'Big Tasmanian'


Made in Sweden, full sized 4 1/2LB felling Axe. This axe has a large heavy head and big wide cut, its designed for Felling Trees and in doing so, to try and deliver the hardest, deepest Wood Cut possible.


To achieve this the hefty 4 1/2lbs of High Carbon Swedish Steel is mounted on a 32in Unex handle. This provides a long wide swing which in turn delivers the great Speed combined with the impact and inertia, that drives the 5 3/4in wide bit forward and deep into the wood fibers.


These are made in the Hults Bruks factory in Sweden and use the same high quality Swedish Steel as the Classic lines.


It has the traditional blue paint of the Agdor brand and the handle is UNEX, hung here in Canada and with a double Steel wedge.


This Axe DOES NOT have a head Cover


OAL 32in

4.5 LB Head with 5.75in wide bit.

UNEX handle, double Steel Cylinder Wedges

Made in Sweden


Agdor 4.5lb Tasmanian Felling Axe