Meopta Meoace 5x40


Meopta Meoace 5x40
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Meopta Meoace

Meopta meoace 5x40


The Meopta MeoAce 5x40 Sight combines a bullet drop compensating reticle calibrated for the popular 5.56 and 7.62 ammunition with 5x magnification and a bright sight picture through HD fluoride glass bearing Meopta's MeoBright anti-reflection coating. The reticle has 12 brightness levels to choose from, with the lower levels compatible with night vision gear. Impact point corrects at 0.7 MOA per click with a total adjustment range of 80 MOA elevation and windage adjustment. A small Picatinny rail on top of the sight allows the use of a red dot sight or other accessory. The MeoAce mounts on a Picatinny rail and will run for up to 300 hours on a fresh AA battery.

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Meopta Meoace 5x40