Barkriver Matterhorn S45VN Burgundy Canvas


Barkriver Matterhorn S45VN Burgundy Canvas
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Barkriver Matterhorn S45VN


The Bark River Matterhorn was inspired by the latest edition of their Snowy River. The longer and wider blade is perfect for any hunting or field chore. The Matterhorn is light – quick and nimble in the hand.

At under 5 ounces it is like a feather on your belt. It is large enough for most bushcraft tasks like carving wood – notching or making light kindling for your campfire. Balance in the hand is right on the first finger so blade feel is maximized.


S45VN is the latest evolution of the 'S' Steels from Crucible, its has very high corrosion resistance combined with high strength and a fine grain for a superb Cutting edge.


Made in the USA


 Overall Length:  8.775" 

 Blade Length:  4.5"  

Blade Steel:  CPM-S45VN  

Blade Thickness:  .156" 

Comes with quality Leather Sheath, see images for details

Barkriver Matterhorn S45VN Burgundy Canvas
Barkriver Matterhorn