Oxhead 3LB Double Bit Axe


Oxhead 3LB Double Bit Axe
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Oxhead 3lb Double Bit Axe

Solid, Quality Double Bit Axe from German makers, Oxhead. A beautifully balanced Axe this, with a classic Head Shape and solid construction.


Oxhead is Germany's oldest Axe maker and has been making Forestry tools since 1781. Over the preceeding 250 years its honed its maufacture and designs to optimal standards and they are now regarded as one of the best European Makers.

The tough C60 Steel is high polish and the Bearded Blades are convex. The Unex handle is 28in, cut to approx 26in and straight. The Head rings 'True'!


Comes with Leather Blade covers.


AOL 26in

Head weight 3lb

Overal weightl 3.5lb

Blade lengths are approx 5.5in

OAL head width 10.5in

Oxhead 3LB Double Bit Axe